daily weight tracking – one year later

I’ve been weighing myself every morning (give or take) for a year, so it seemed like a good time to look at the results:

Here’s the graph:

Overall, I lost ~11 pounds in 2009. Optimistically, that’s around a pound a month, which is nothing spectacular but not bad considering I wasn’t on any diet in particular. Also, the overall trend was downward and I never got even close to my original weight.

Pessimistically, one pound a month is pretty darn low, and I seemed to stall out around September/October, and I’m not at my goal weight of 180, which is really above where I should be, according to BMI. And yeah, I know BMI is kinda arbitrary, but I’m not sure how else to find a healthy target weight.

Hopefully resetting the graph will help me focus on getting down to 180 and beyond!

5 thoughts on “daily weight tracking – one year later”

  1. I’ve always heard that slow and steady is the best way to lose weight; apparently it is much easier to maintain that way. *shrug* I think you’re doing fine!


  2. I agree with cifarelli. And, it’s not surprising that you stall out around Oct-Dec. That’s winter and holidays. Lots of travel, holiday food, too cold to exercise outside, etc. I bet come spring you’ll be back on the lb a month train.


  3. BMI is fairly arbitrary, but it’s pretty good to ballpark around. Just don’t treat it like gospel and you’ll be fine. And agreed that 1 lb/month is good! Especially because you have kept it off. (Also I kinda love the chart.)


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