origami success!…mostly

After a few hours of assembling, here’s what I ended up with:

(more pictures behind the link) It’s pretty unwieldly…hopefully it will survive on my desk for a little while.


– I’ve seen this around, but this support for same-sex marriage by age and state is pretty striking. Hopefully the 18-29 crowd will keep their opinion as they age 🙂

– A US interstate map drawn like the London tube map. Really, I’m a sucker for anything that looks like a London tube map 🙂

– Anyone else use Steepster? It’s a neat way to keep track of teas and stuff. I might start recording ones I like…

– Because of some of the issues with Obama/the DNC I mentioned, a DNC donor boycott is being launched by the people at AmericaBlog. I signed up, although I don’t know if I’ll stick with it.

One thought on “origami success!…mostly”

  1. It’s kinda interesting to see the geographic location of the states in comparison to their relative support. It saddens me to think that, of states that I truly think of as Deep-South, Texas is the most supportive.(And no, New Mexico and Arizona aren’t “Southern.” If “Freebird” isn’t a concert favorite, it’s not the South)


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