Golden Rules of Travel

Grandma’s Golden Rule of Travel: Always go to the bathroom whenever one is available.
Grandpa’s Golden Rule of Travel: Don’t back up more than you have to. (this is more of a driving rule)

I am proud to present
My Golden Rule of Travel: Always pack boxers and sleep pants, no matter what the temperature is outside.

This rule has served me well 🙂

One thought on “Golden Rules of Travel”

  1. My mother’s rule regarding backing up is strictly opposite, and I’ve found hers to make more sense. “Always use all the space you safely can while backing up.” I actually run across this often, but here’s a couple cases: 1) Turning around, out of a parking spot, etc, people often make 2 or 3 (or 6!) reverses and forwards to get out of a tight spot because they barely back up at all. I understand being scared of hitting the car behind you, but a good driver is more aware of the dimensions of their car, uses their mirrors, and reduces that awkward (and annoying for those around) Austin Powers moments. 2) Backing out of a driveway. Just yesterday a neighbor backed out of a parking spot into the wrong lane of the road. If she’d backed further, to the correct side of the road, I could have continued on. On a busy road, it wouldn’t be safe to do that (of course, then you’d just back into the nearest lane of traffic and make a U). But on a small residential road, it makes sense to back all the way to the side of the road you want to travel on and go from there. To do otherwise creates a confusing situation, causing delays at best and danger at worst. I *fully* agree with Grandma’s rule, though ;D


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