hangin’ on links!

Couldn’t sleep last night and had a 9 AM meeting this morning, so I’m slightly loopy!

SIRC guide to flirting – this is an incredibly long article about social science and how you should flirt. Entertaining!

Now-needy FDIC collected little in premiums – so let me get this straight. The FDIC (the “I” stands for “Insurance”, remember) didn’t collect money from most banks from 1996-2006 because

Congress believed that the fund was so well-capitalized – and that bank failures were so infrequent – that there was no need to collect the premiums for a decade

This makes me sad, as someone clearly doesn’t understand what insurance is.

The Untold Story of the World’s Biggest Diamond Heist – a great Wired story about a real-life Ocean’s 11 or something. Fascinating!

– Awesome video game-themed shirt and poster.

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