we got rings!

So yesterday we decided to knock a big thing off of the wedding list – rings. We went up to Lakeline Mall and thought we’d check out a jewelry store. Our first sign we were a bit over our heads: there are like 11 jewelry stores there! Anyway, we gamely went around to 6 of them and eventually settled on a nice titanium ring from Helzberg Diamonds – it was cheaper than I expected and very lightweight, which is good since we both type all day. Here’s a picture:

15 thoughts on “we got rings!”

    1. PS, are y’all going to register anywhere? I hear you get to go around with a scanning gun! It sounded like something y’all would enjoy.


      1. As appealing as going around with a scanning gun shooting things sounds (like laser tag, but your targets don’t move!), I think we’re going to skip the whole registering thing and ask people to donate to charity or something.


  1. Yay rings! We got ours at greenkarat.com, which was super fun. Hooray for recycling! 😉 Be careful with titanium; if your finger swells, many hospitals can’t cut it off (they have to get special equipment). Or so I am told by another friend with a titanium wedding ring.


    1. Probably worth doing research on but I heard that was mostly an urban legend these days; I believe most hospitals have ways of getting the ring off.


  2. Yay! 🙂 Does your finger feel strange now? It took a week or two for me to get used to 1st my college class ring and again later my engagement ring.


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