the advantages of living in a medium-sized city

2.5 years ago: My car’s check engine light turns on, I have to drive 40 miles early Saturday morning to get it checked out.

Today: My car’s check engine light turns on, I drive 3 miles to drop it off during the middle of the day. (and hitch a ride back with destroyerj) Life is good!

My next project: This guy genetic algorithmed his way to a Mona Lisa with translucent polygons, and then this guy did something similar. I like images and especially genetic algorithms. Hopefully will have pretty results soon!

7 thoughts on “the advantages of living in a medium-sized city”

  1. I am usually not very impressed by “genetic algorithms” where someone basically has the solution already and just wants to watch something get there. Show me something where you give it a much less explicit fitness function, have it create a worthwhile piece of art, and then we can talk.


  2. I don’t know how I didn’t know this before (I’ll just say I forgot) but I recently learned that Austin is in the top 20 US cities by population. I always think of Austin as small because in my mind I’m comparing to Houston or San Antonio, but it’s actually quite populous.


    1. Yeah, it’s 16th or so last I checked. Though, if you start looking at metropolitan areas, it goes down farther quite a bit because of a lot of cities that have huge suburban populations.


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