angry links!

Ugh, even my links are disappearing!

Sign of the times – Austin layoff database

Updated my weight chart to show a rolling average of 5 days (in dark blue). The bottom graph is a graph of my body fat weight (weight * body fat percentage) – it’s pretty noisy but trending downward, which is good.

There’s now a free Kindle reader for the iPhone.

Jon Stewart on Limbaugh and Steele.

2 thoughts on “angry links!”

  1. I always blamed my noisy weight data on being female. I guess this invalidates THAT theory! It’s interesting to see that I’m not the only one who charts my weight and includes rolling averages and trendlines… Although lately I’ve been using the bodybugg website to track my progress, and it wisely prohibits you from entering weight more than once a week. Body fat percentage is allowed only every other week. I’m down over 30 lbs since November, with a goal of another 18 lbs by May. Today’s weigh-in was a joyous one, since I’m finally off a four-week plateau.


    1. Wow, good for you! I totally get the no more than once a week theory, but I’ve found that weighing every day keeps me focused on not eating too much. And so far I’ve been OK enough about not obsessing over the random fluctuations. That bodybugg thing does look pretty cool, though….more data = awesome!


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