obama’s speech and an embarrassing memory from my past

Obama gave a sort of State of the Union last night – here it is in full and it was pretty good I thought. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal (who some hope will run for president in 2012) gave the Republican rebuttal. As TPM points out he does a very good impression of Kenneth the Page! (Nate Silver covers why complaining about spending money on volcano monitoring isn’t a great idea since it has saved lives in the past)

Unrelated memory that was randomly triggered at lunch: In 9th or 10th grade I was in the Houston Masterworks Chorus with my mom. For one rehearsal she couldn’t make it, and so she arranged for me to catch a ride with someone (me not being able to drive) who was going to pick me up from home. Well, I’m a pretty shy person so I hadn’t actually met this woman, but I sat outside on the curb reading a book waiting to be picked up. A car pulled up and scene missing and somehow I thought this was my ride and got so far as reaching in the window and unlocking the door before she asked “What are you doing?” I quickly apologized and went back to sitting on the curb. It was mortifying! Hopefully she didn’t think I was a carjacker but I have a feeling she did. Later my actual ride came and I was careful to ask before entering the car 🙂

4 thoughts on “obama’s speech and an embarrassing memory from my past”

  1. First the Republicans run Alaska governor Liz Lemon, now they’re running Louisiana governor Kenneth Parcell. Just going down the 30 Rock cast list, it seems.


    1. As soon as he says “I’m Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana. Tonight…” I find it hard to contain my laughter. His Kenneth is dead on!


  2. So you’re outside your house waiting for a person to drive up at approximately a given time. Someone else drives up to/near your house and you mistake them for this person? Completely understandable.


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