more progress

Over the weekend I
– added geolocation to the front page of – it should automatically forward you to your closest city now!
– made the map use more horizontal space (and got rid of the ugly gap between the map and the sidebar)
– made the page statically load the list of restaurants, which should improve load time a little and should help the ads be more relevant, hopefully.
– upgraded to the latest jQuery which makes things look a bit different, especially the sidebar. Not sure whether to keep this new color scheme (especially the filtering sliders), but I’ll leave it for a few days and see what I think then. This should also improve performance a bit.
– a few minor random performance improvements

2 thoughts on “more progress”

  1. Been adding a few restaurants to Where’s Lunch. It’s really nice, by the way. Have you considered adding phone numbers or hours of operation? I know many restaurants have these on their websites, but occasionally you have to do some searching or clicking to find it. Just thought I’d mention it. Also, I know most restaurants offer takeout, but do you think it might be worth having an indicator as to whether or not one does? Again, great job. I’m looking forward to using it quite a bit!


    1. Cool – thanks! Phone numbers and hours of operation aren’t bad ideas…it might make the popup on the map a bit crowded but I’ll see if I can find a place for it. Takeout – another good idea. (your comment has rekindled my interest – just added a new restaurant for the first time in a while 🙂 )


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