6 thoughts on “weight”

  1. I dropped 10 pounds this past spring before I went to Peru. I wanted to lose as much weight as possible so that I didn’t have to carry it on the Inca Trail at 13,000 feet. Basically, I took my backpack (which I was going to use for the Peru trip), filled it with engineering textbooks, and then went hiking every day in Eisenhower Park in San Antonio. As an engineer, you too can utilize the engineering textbook weight loss plan!


  2. What’s with the outliers on Jan. 15 and 16? You couldn’t have dropped 1.5 lb and then gained 3 lb in two days..? So far this year, my effort to lose weight has been to walk the dog. 30 minutes twice a day is a lot more exercise that I was getting last month (none).


    1. I always weigh in the morning, but there can still be a lot of variation between days (hence the smoothing curves šŸ™‚ ). I’m not sure what the deal was those particular days.


  3. What? No % body fat? You need a geekier balance. Good luck! Ya – the new guy even changed the whitehouse.gov site – the nerve of him!


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