big pile o’ links

Brett Favre beats Lizard People – the Minnesota recount goes on, and things get weird.

The Strange and Bizarre Story of Wallace Scarborough’s Fight Against Democracy – hopefully the South Carolina House of Representatives does the right thing here, as it looks like the guy just lost.

Scientists debunk the myth that you lose most heat through your head – my mom was wrong!

Music Industry to Abandon Mass Suits – umm, a few years too late?

– In 2006, a Embraer Legacy 700 hit a Boeing 737 over Brazil. Vanity Fair just printed an article about the crash and how it happened. There was a writer on board the Embraer – here’s his story in the NY Times about a week after the crash.

– Austin is the fifth safest city of cities of reasonable size! (500,000+ people) Houston is the 10th most dangerous of those.

– Austin 3G speed test – AT&T wins overall, although it’s terrible downtown.

Typo In Proposition 8 Defines Marriage As Between ‘One Man And One Wolfman’ – ah, the Onion…

Air Traffic in 24 hours – seen it before but always interesting to see the pattern of flights as the sun comes up and goes down.

– A three-time wrestler explains why “The Wrestler” is good – interested in seeing this movie although I’m not sure why.

3 thoughts on “big pile o’ links”

  1. Your South Carolina story is, sadly, par for the course. I love my state, its heritage, and its culture, but I must admit that it’s a bastion of “good ol’ boy” politics. Remember Strom Thurmond?


  2. My favorite part: “Examining common medical myths reminds us to be aware of when evidence supports our advice, and when we operate based on unexamined beliefs,” they write. well, DUH! This is what I try to get people to understand all the time. If there is no peer-reviewed scientific data to back you up, it should be taken with a large grain of salt, not purported as the absolute truth. This is why alarmists drive me batty.


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