A week of happy

Yesterday kinda sucked. My tooth still hurt a lot and my stomach was starting to hurt, possibly from taking too much Tylenol (I estimate something like 20 pills over the last few days). Buuut I was happy after work – djedi cooked a nice dinner, then I relaxed some on the couch, then we finally put up the Christmas lights and decorations. It’s kind of exciting this is our first Christmas in a house, so putting up the outdoor lights seemed like a rite of passage of sorts 🙂

While we were putting decorations up inside we had a new episode of “Chuck” on. I love “Chuck” – it’s mildly serialized, funny/cute but with a reasonable amount of action. And the characters are very relatable – I feel like I can understand their motivations and why they do what they do, which is not always true on shows like “Fringe”. Also, Adam Baldwin is awesome!

Anyway, that was nice, and then after it was over there was another new “Chuck” that we watched on the couch while cuddling. It was a good night!

Today I’m happy because (despite waking up in the middle of the night with stomach issues) my tooth definitely hurts less! This morning I did eventually take some aspirin (yeah, bad on the stomach but maybe it’s bad in a different way than Tylenol? I dunno) but I waited until I got in to work, as opposed to downing pills as soon as I got up because it hurt so much. This is more exciting than I can put into words!

3 thoughts on “A week of happy”

  1. I am pretty sure the ibuprofen/tylenol/advil are all stupidly dangerous. Though my fear of them is based on my wife telling me this is the case and severely limiting how often/how much I use them. I think they pretty much either destroy your stomach, or destroy your liver…based on which you are using. My wife said that if they went through the formal drug review process of modern times they would be prescription only because its so easy to destroy yourself with them.


    1. Aforementioned wife here–The most important thing is to limit the tylenol to less than 4000mg/day (any more and u severely increase the risk for acute liver failure). Also be sure to take the pills on a full stomach (especially ibuprofen or aspirin). They say the most effective regimen is to alternate ibuprofen and tylenol doses (usually every 4-6 hours, but check the bottle) to limit the amount u get of each one. Good luck & feel better!


      1. As I just mentioned to husband, I was actually probably getting close to 4000mg/day for the last few days. Luckily the pain has subsided a lot today and I’ve only had one dose of aspirin so far!


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