more election stuff (surprised?)

John McCain was on SNL on Saturday – here’s clip #1 and clip #2. I thought they were pretty funny. For balance, here’s a Keith Olbermann sketch.

Although the final numbers still aren’t in, early voting in Texas was up a lot, up more than one million from 2004.

Nate Silver’s (guy behind guide on what to watch for on election night.

2 thoughts on “more election stuff (surprised?)”

  1. The idea of voting early appealed to me, as I’m afraid of encountering long lines tomorrow (plus I have other errands to take care of tomorrow), but I didn’t know where to go. I still don’t know where my polling place is. Wasn’t I supposed to receive a sample ballot? Also, I never got around to researching the issues for myself, but oh well.


    1. The easiest way to find your polling place is to visit To look at the issues, I’d recommend checking out your local League of Women Voters Guide – searching for “league of women voters <your location here>” should point you in the right direction.


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