where’s lunch rolls on

Finished the adding of restaurants last night! Now I just need to add an editing interface and do some more testing…

A long lipdub of Thriller – impressive camerawork! I wish I could keep the camera that steady while I walked. (obviously I should have combined all my Thriller links into one post, but oh well)

A federally funded group is sponsoring a contest to find an engaged couple who hasn’t had sex yet. No takers yet…

Election data: lots of people have already voted early. Deadline in TX is Friday, and I’d recommend doing it today or tomorrow because I bet Thursday and Friday will be quite busy…

5 thoughts on “where’s lunch rolls on”

  1. I’d be interested to see the statistics on what percentage of eligible voters voted on election day vs. early voting, and compare that to previous presidential election years. My current thought is that we might actually have as many voting early as voted overall for the past couple elections… This one seems to have that kind of magnatic pull.


    1. a-ha! “Election Administrator Rick Barron said he expects about 45 percent of registered voters to have voted by the end of early voting Friday night.”


  2. It’s notable that the border counties — El Paso, Hidalgo, Cameron — have signficantly lower percentages. I wonder if that’s because of a language barrier or if there’s some other reason. It’ll be interesting to compare the final numbers on voting day.


    1. There I go again, making logical jumps without explaining what I’m talking about. I was referring to this list of the largest Texas counties, which was linked from the one Greg posted.


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