Busy today – links!

– Rock Band 2 is out for XBox 360 (PS3 version coming soonish) – it looks good (here’s the new track list, all downloaded songs are automatically transferred and you can transfer almost all of the Rock Band 1 songs for a one-time $5)

– Really leaning towards getting my genes genotyped by 23andMe.

– Banning gay marriage in California is now losing 55-38. Yaaaay!

short Bruce Schneier column – if liquids are so dangerous to take on planes, why aren’t people arrested for trying to take them on (like guns)? The answer: because they aren’t dangerous…there shouldn’t be a class of stuff that you can’t take on a plane but you don’t get in trouble for. has what seems to be a pretty reasonable tax proposal.

wonderjess posted this dialogue between Obama and Jed Bartlett – written by Aaron Sorkin! Oh this makes me miss West Wing…

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