Batman in IMAX?

Anyone interested in seeing Batman in IMAX (at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum) next Monday (August 4) at 6:30?

13 thoughts on “Batman in IMAX?”

  1. Alex is. I might be. Perhaps we drive down to your place and catch a ride into the city with you while we’re still trying to figure out how these roads work.


    1. Cool. I’m not super-thrilled about driving downtown at that time of day, but the next showing is at 9:15 which means a late night. Also, it’s worth the sacrifice because it’s BATMAN IN IMAX WOOOOO!


    1. Full disclosure – it’s possible this might end up happening the week after that, maybe on Tuesday the 12th. Let me know which works/is better.


      1. Aww, I’m fine with it happening on the 11th even if that’s my birthday, if that’d work out better for people (in which case I would definitely go then rather than sit at home alone on my bday :P)


    2. I’m fine w/you attending any time. The only consideration is when we are planning on returning from Houston after this weekend? If Monday afternoon, then this is fine.


      1. I thought the plan was to return during naptime on Monday the 4th, so I’d be back in town to go that evening. If that changes, then Monday the 11th works better for me than Tuesday the 12th.(There’s a time trial on the 12th. 🙂 ) Let me know what others decide. I can always go on my own some other day.


      2. Ok, I wasn’t sure if we had solidified. I know that was the most recent plan, but… I’m sleepy.


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